Training programs
Get the Support You Need
Run Your Business
with Confidence
We partner with amazing business owners to help you 
build your business from the inside out
We help to bring a sense of calm and clarity 
allowing you to stay in your zone of genius
so you can optimize value for your company 

"Truly have exceeded all of my expectations!" – Ku'ulei Maunupau, Capital Development Manager Kaehu

Stabilize your Company from the Inside Out
When it comes to running a business, 80% fail within the first five year with problems caused by the chaos of the back-office. We believe business-owners shouldn’t have to figure this out alone.
Partner with the Team at Nailena Consulting Group
Jumpstart your business into a new reality.
Here's what it can practically look like:
  • Accurate financials and tax reporting
  • Tighter controls on Cash Flow visibility (no longer overpaying vendors, shifting AP cycle to online and paperless)
  • Evaluation and Implementation of the right IT stack, and core service providers
  • Optimize your staffing get everybody on the right seat on the bus
  • Supporting the Business Owner to make strategic business decisions. Get the partner your have been looking for on board to help you make informed data driven decisions that will change the future of your business.
  • Grow sustainably.  Grow a sustainably profitable business with the help of senior executive-level financial leadership. 
Build the business of your dreams 
optimized for long term success
& Focus
Be able to think more strategically operating out of your zone of genius
Lasting Impact
Fulfill your vision and create a lasting impact in your community
More Control
Have more confidence and control of your cash flow

In less than two years, during a pandemic, we are a thriving business.
Iʻve been an educator and entertainer all my adult life so administrative work always felt foreign to me, Kalani and Nailena Consulting Group have given me complete peace of mind knowing the administrative stuff is being taken care of. The guidance and support that they have blessed me with allow me to stay in my zone of creative energy without getting bogged down with the uncomfortable aspects of running a business.
 Kumu Maile Naehu, 
Curriculum Designer and Co-Founder Ka Hale Hoaka LLC
Here's how we do it...
Get Clarity
Get clarity on your vision, your goals, and what you want to accomplish with your business.
Identify an Action Plan
We will work together to create a personalized roadmap that is tailored for your specific needs and goals.
Grow in Confidence
Know you’re on the right path with a strong team to help guide and shape a finacially sustainable business you enjoy.
How are we different?
At Nailena Consulting we know that you want to have more control and confidence in your business. In order to do that, you need the freedom to move your business toward your vision. The problem is the entrepreneurial journey has so many barriers causing 80% of businesses to fail. Most failed endeavors are caused by a chaotic back office; filled with inefficiencies, cash flow problems, and hidden compliance issues which hamstring the business.
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